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Leadership Team:

Our CEO, operational Manager, and leadership team members having spent many years in the US working with some of the Global Leaders, started the company to provide software development services globally. Today NSMLLC is recognized as a pioneer in the development space. They are responsible for leading all Operations, Process Reengineering, Quality and Managing marketing business infrastructure strategy & successful enterprise-wide solution implementation to enable higher workforce productivity, reduce costs, and fuel revenue growth.

Human Resources & Training:

Human Resources is dedicated to creating a productive work environment and offering comprehensive benefits to all employees. The department handles recruiting, promotes positive employee relations, and initiates regular performance evaluations throughout the company. Training team provides training to prepare new employees for NSMLLC’s careers, helping clients acquire the knowledge needed to maximize their use of NSMLLC.

Finance & Legal

The Finance Department works closely with Sales to resolve invoice questions and ensure proper entry of orders into accounting systems, answers client invoice questions, and ensures that orders comply with company business rules. Legal team advises the company on its day-to-day legal issues. The team oversees NSMLLC’s client contracts, vendor agreements, intellectual property, and acquisition activities.


Collaborating with teams across various disciplines, NSMLLC Developers ensure that our services, applications and technologies are continually improving to meet the changing needs of the investment community.

  • Software and applications development
  • Mobile App development
  • Testing


Promote global brand awareness of all NSMLLC services, products and make our clients’ experience with NSMLLC’s software as easy and efficient as possible.

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Corporate Office

  • 181 New Road,
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  • Email: sales@nsmllc.com
  • Contact no: +1856-553-7247