Retailers Improving Onsite Customer Experiences and Business Insights using Cisco wireless

Mobility Solution enable with Network Intelligence allows Retailers reach out to Customers at Store:

Mobility transform retailers business process, how they buy and sell products, service customers, and conduct their day to day business.NSM LLC Customized Mobile Apps Services

Why Retailers should stay connected with Consumers today?

  • Increase revenues by positioning relevant content and offers, as well as third-party advertising, at customers’ fingertips
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing a better experience on your premises
  • Gain greater insight into customer behavior to optimize your store
  • Facilitate IT and your lines of business to stay connected,

Challenges for Retailers

Consumers are bringing their smart mobile devices into the store and using them while they are shopping to look up prices, find information, and post to social media.

  • Engaging technologically savvy consumers who want relevant content, information, and services delivered directly to their mobile devices based on their personal preferences.
  • Understand customer behavior, key to addressing customer needs and improving operations

Benefits of Cisco connected Mobility Architecture for Retail Enterprises:

  • Provide consumers with highly personalized engaging content, offers and gain visibility into their behavior in the store.
  • Location-based services to help customers locate the store, to deliver location-based product information, offers, and ads to the consumer’s device, with an option for a customized app.
  • Present real-time, target advertisements based on the customer’s shopping patterns and recent search terms

Retail Businesses relays on mobility service providers to improve business efficiency, boost profitability, and increase Customer satisfaction. NSM Helps Retailers with Mobile Solutions can help them improve operational efficiency, enhance customer service, and increase revenue’s Build Custom applications, Mobile apps those enable retailers stay connect with consumers to increase customer loyalty and drive sales.

About NSM LLC 
NSM is a foremost end to end Development and Quality Assurance partner specializing in the agile development of innovative web, CRM, Ecommerce, and mobile solutions. To ensure the success of every project, we assemble an excellence team incorporating domain expertise and outstanding engineering talent. NSM has refined an economical approach for rapidly executing development processes that align flawlessly with business strategy, product requirements, and infrastructure. We specialize in revolutionizing our clients’ business through unwavering industry insights and visionary software solutions to improve revenue growth opportunities, while reducing costs. Partner with NSM to have Innovation Delivered
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