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NSM banking industry specific custom application development services  enable banking , finance organizations focus on key banking drivers such as Technology, Mobility,  Customer Need Analysis.

NSM LLC stand out from the rest of the software development companies offering customized it services for banking & Finance industry, help the industry leaders to work in a better way. We implement innovation, drive efficiency to your company. NSM LLC offers cost effective software solutions for your business and try to increase benefits for the customers through the various it services. The expertise and solution capabilities possessed by us are the best in the market. We have in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of financial & banking services.

NSM have gradually grown into a leading company that focuses on  custom application development, mobility, engineering, outsourcing and various other software components. We help our clients in transforming the dreams into reality and designing effective business strategies. We re-engineer  the obsolete models into modern ones and help the clients run advanced models of operation so as to combat the volatility, eliminate high costs, promote management of risks and offer growth prospects.

The Challenges Faced By the Banking and Finance Industry And The Numerous Growth Opportunities

  • Digital banking and threats of Security
  • Global Expansions as well as massive Competition
  • Confidential business and customer data
  • Data redundancy issues
  • The cases of Mergers and acquisitions
  • Management of the channels of distribution
  • Loyalty Management

The clients can easily get desired business outcomes and increased economic value by using the customized it services of National Software Management. Our domain –led business process solutions help the Financial and Banking Services providers to pay more attention to their core services.

We are a leader in not only Banking Application development but also excel in offering IT Support to the end users, clients. We aid the clients to identify the most efficient operations for your business and also to implement them. We help the clients to get an edge on the competitors and to reduce the business related risk. We help the customers to attain leadership on costing as well as pricing.

We offer a great range of services to our banking clients which are designed in accordance with the well-known regulatory mandates such as the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiatives, MiFID (MARKETS in Financial Instruments Directive), KYC(Know Your Customer) and others.

We help the clients in the implementation of all the strategies that fulfill the bank’s business needs and help to achieve various objectives, such as:

  • Promotes Real-time processing and aids in synchronizing the processes
  • High level of productivity,security
  • Integration of various business processes,
  • Development and implementation of Smart Mobile Banking Solutions
  • Selection of the right technology
  • Enhanced level of customer experience
  • Safe customer experience

NSM aids the clients in the implementation of numerous business strategies that can in turn help in the effective management of the most crucial business functions which comprise of management of assets, management of wealth and brokerage. We also focus on the various regulatory compliance as well as risk management.

We offer superior quality business consultation solutions for increasing the loyalty of customers.

The NSM Finance and Banking Services are targeted to help the clients achieve excellence and cut down their costs. We focus on enhancing the business efficiency of the clients and to help them achieve higher level of productivity.We help the clients in designing, planning and implementation of IT strategies of their organization to derive the highest level of value from the investments that they make.

NSM is dedicated to help the Finance and Banking clients to reengineer the processes and systems of their organization and also to enhance the customer experience. We strive to offer long term benefits to the clients and help them to deliver great solutions to the end consumers.

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