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NSM offers custom software development Services spanning requirements, architecture & design, development, testing, deployment and management. NSM LLC assist Clients not satisfied by packaged software, looking for a solution to a unique problem with customized IT services. We offer custom application development services where the solution is envisaged, and clients are looking to a partner to on board software experience in delivering within budget with predictable quality and schedules.We also fulfil the IT development as well as supporting needs of the companies.

The Challenges affecting insurance growth rate

The insurance companies today are lagging behind in terms of technology as well as service platforms. The latest technological advancements make the things easier. It makes the choices easier, payments easier, as well as the policy renewal, claim processing faster. You can also upload the documents easily and make mobile based payments.

Apart from the given challenges, the insurance companies also face other challenges such as:

  • The advancements in advancements
  • Analysis of Social Media and Data
  • New Players entry in the Market
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Ever-changing regulations of the industry,
  • Tightening regulations, increasing customer awareness,
  • Rising costs and pressure of profits,
  • The need to combine the technology with insurance, services as well as partners.

How NSM is helping the Global Insurance Companies?
NSM  Customized IT/ application services changes the way insurance companies do business. We offer the customers with the leading domain enriched  software services as well as solutions that help in business transformation. Our high quality services help the clients to face technological challenges and progress to development.
The services we specialize in are

  • Great quality experienced leadership services
  • Offering the companies with great domain strategies
  • Great and knowledgeable resources
  • Migration of platforms (Modernization)
  • Initiatives for digitization
  • Managed IT services

Insurance solutions offered by National Software Management
We are dedicated team of experts that provide superior services to clients in terms of cost, value as well as quality. We offer following services to the clients:

Services offered to the Insurance Industry

  • IT solutions as well as services
  • Business processing and operational services
  • Consultation Services
  • Management of complex infrastructure
  • Mobility solutions and services
  • Testing Services

We at NSM can help you in many aspects. We can

  • Reduce the cost of business by increasing the productivity of processes
  • Balance the regulatory change demand and variable expectation of customers

Insurance companies trust NSM as their sole partner. We have a global niche of clients and great skills in the fields of consulting, IT services, domain capability and BPO. This makes us the best choice for all the companies be it healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Insurance and Technology Industries.

The NSM Benefit to Clients

With software development experience for some of the leading brands in the world, NSM offers the following advantages:

  • Wide expertise across open source and proprietary technologies including Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP;
  • Mobile and tablet application development across popular platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and other Cross platform and native application;
  • A fine-tuned process framework that focuses on quality, security and performance;
  • Expertly designed bespoke solutions that fit your entire business requirements;
  • Domain proficiency across industries.
  • Build the software’s that fits your budget

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