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Extend the lifetime of your legacy products without spending your entire budget.

Our motive is to ensure that you are able to market your products in a more innovative manner, showcasing their features in a better way, so as to improve their scale ability. Any product company will try to keep reinventing itself over the time, in order to keep up with the emerging trend and in order to meet with the market demand. This involves customization, rationalizing cost, re-engineering or products and processes and so on.

We at NSM have SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who are specialized in every industry and have partners in various fields like electronics, mechanical, software and management of product lifecycle. We are providing professional engineering services for all products in the mobility, entertainment and media industry.

With the insight from our industry specialized experts who are masters in providing solutions, we help our business partners in bridging any IT gaps, marketing their products, reducing the cost and in minimizing the defects.

We stay abreast of the changing needs and trends in the consumer market, and with the help of our partners provide you with quality engineering services which will help you market your product quickly and also ensure that you generate maximum revenue.

We have customers who are independent vendors of software, service providers and manufacturers of original equipment’s.

Our experts in management of product lifecycle helps our clients with the following stages of a product:

  • Product conceptualization
  • Strategy on launching the product in the market
  • Designing the architecture and technology for the product
  • Delivery of the final product

Product engineering services for Mobility, Media and Entertainment Industries

  • Development of mobile apps
  • Quality testing
  • Localization of the product with the local language
  • Development of software
  • Networking services
  • Digital development
  • Solutions for an integrated product
  • Designing system architecture
  • Solutions for infrastructure designing with intelligence

NSM (National Software Management), a leader in development of software and product engineering, partners with many companies across the globe. We provide services with software, product engineering in league with our partners. Many companies around globe partner with NSM to reengineer software to better meet the needs of their customers or to correct a problem overlooked in the original development. Our team will examine your core processes and enhances the software to fix any major issues or missing workflows.We strive to provide an unmatched consumer experience, faster product launch, improve the life cycles of products and make use of the advantageous conditions in the market.

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